Road and Highway Drilling

Clearing the Way for Roads and Highways

At BedRock Services, we understand that our country's infrastructure is built on the foundation of roads and highways. When planning a new road construction project, it is crucial to have an experienced company you can trust for drilling services. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our skilled crew can handle any road or highway project, from adding on- and off-ramps to pushing a new highway through rugged terrain.

What is Road and Highway Drilling?

Road and highway drilling is the process of creating cavities in the earth using drilling for the construction or expansion of roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, and other transportation infrastructure. This process is used to create space for new roads or highways, to widen existing ones, or to create tunnels and bridges. It requires skilled and experienced workers and specialized equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure that our drilling services are efficient, precise, and safe. Our excavator remote control rig features an on-board winch, enabling us to reach difficult terrain and maintain precision control during the drilling process. We also maintain precision tolerances for pre-split holes, which helps to minimize over break and ensure that the process is as efficient as possible. Our electronic methods provide vibration control, which minimizes over break and prevents damage to surrounding structures and equipment.

At BedRock Services, we pride ourselves on providing fair and honest pricing for all our road construction projects. We understand that staying on time and budget is essential to your project's success, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver high-quality results on schedule and within budget.

Whether you need drilling services for a new highway, road expansion, or any other type of road construction project, you can count on BedRock Services. We'll start with a free consultation and estimate, during which we'll listen to your needs and design a customized solution that fits your specific requirements. Our locally owned company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering the highest quality results for every project we undertake.

Where road and highway drilling services may be needed:

  1. New Highway Construction: When constructing a new highway, drilling services may be needed to remove large rocks and other obstacles that are in the way of the road.
  2. Road Widening: When a road needs to be widened, drilling can help remove rocks and other materials to make room for the expansion.
  3. Bridge Construction: When constructing a bridge, drilling may be needed to create a stable foundation and support structure.
  4. Tunnel Construction: When building a tunnel, drilling can help remove large rocks and soil to make room for the tunnel.
  5. Road Maintenance: When maintaining existing roads, drilling may be needed to remove debris, such as rocks or trees, that may have fallen onto the road.
  6. Emergency Response: In the event of a natural disaster, such as a landslide or rockslide, drilling may be needed to clear the road and restore access to the affected area.

Don't let your road construction project fall behind schedule or go over budget. Call BedRock Services today at (715) 706-7012 to schedule your free consultation and estimate. Our experienced team is ready to provide the solutions you need to get your project done right.

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